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This page allows you to make an online donation via credit card to a specific fund. You may also search for funds that support a particular cause.

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To Search for specific Funds, start typing a Fund name or Affiliate name in the Fund Search box below. You may give up to 10 Gifts to different Funds in a single donation.

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Scholarship CriteriaStudents who have completed at least one semester at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC), are currently enrolled at NICC, and plan to attend NICC in the next semester.Preference should be given to students that are residents of Howard County.Preference should be given to students who are graduates of a Howard County High School or the bordering counties (to accommodate Howard County open enrollment students).Students seeking an associate degree or diploma in Business/Marketing.Demonstrate financial need.Have been involved in their community through a scholastic business organization or work experience.Preference should be given to students with a grade point average of 2.75 or higher.Give to the FundFinancial gifts to the JDJ Strike Opportunity Scholarship Fund with the Howard County Community Foundation helps to award financial assistance to students pursuing higher education. As the cost of tuition continues to rise, it is more important now than ever to diminish the barrier of affordability and...
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Am I charged a credit card fee?
No, your card will only be charged for your donation amount, and we will provide a tax receipt for the full amount of your gift. However, a credit card processing fee of 3.5% will be taken against the fund to which you are making a contribution.

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Refund Policy

Thank you for your generosity. Please know that all contributions, once accepted by the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, represent an irrevocable contribution to the Foundation and are nonrefundable.