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Celebrating 65 Years of Here for Good

May 25, 2021

This week, the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa celebrates 65 years of being here for good. A simple thank you to all our partners and donors, past and present, isn't enough, but I want to extend 101 million thanks for all you have made possible. This expression of gratitude reflects the $101 million we have granted since 1956. It is a number that demonstrates the power of together. These grant dollars have enriched communities, starting in Waterloo and extending to our 20-county region today. It gives us 101 million reasons to celebrate this day, but it is just the beginning. 

This celebration of 65 years will continue throughout the year, and as we remember our accomplishments, CFNEIA continues looking ahead. As the Foundation has grown, we have become so much more than a grantmaking organization. Our community leadership commitment is stronger than ever. We are currently working on strategic planning that will expand this role, challenge us in new and exciting ways, and make where we live better for all people. None of this ambitious but essential work is possible without your commitment to your community and the Community Foundation.

In the coming week, you will receive our 2020 Impact Report, which includes stories demonstrating the impact we make together. You will see how people respond in incredible ways, through generosity and resiliency, when faced with unprecedented challenges. These stories and thousands of others like them are woven into the tapestry that is our 65-year history.

It is only through collaboration and partnership that CFNEIA can be here for good for communities across our region. We look forward to being part of your ongoing story of community impact. One hundred and one million thanks, and more, for choosing to partner with the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa and our affiliate community foundations.

In Gratitude and Celebration,

Kaye Englin 
President & CEO