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A Passion for Conservation lives on Through Scholarship

August 17, 2017

Robert (Bob) Anderson was passionate about falconry and restoring the peregrine falcon to the bluffs of the Mississippi River. His passion and dedication attracted many to the cause, and in 1988 he founded the Raptor Resource Project.

Bob passed away on July 27, 2015, but his impact on raptors and their habitat is still being felt. Today, RaptorResource Project creates, improves, and directly maintains over 50 nest sites, provides training in nest site creation and management, and develops innovations in nest site management and viewing that brings people closer to the natural world. Bob’s legacy also includes the world-famous Decorah Eagles camera that reached millions of people, bringing a new perspective on raptors to the world.

Bob’s passion spilled out to everyone around him, and now his enthusiasm for raptors and conservation will live on through the establishment of the Robert Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund with the Winneshiek County Community Foundation, an affiliate of the CommunityFoundation of Northeast Iowa.

“Bob believed deeply in education and the ability of people to make a difference for the better. His passion for scientific research and raptors changed lives and helped bring a species back from the brink of extinction,” said John Howe, Executive Director of the Raptor Resource Project.

The Robert Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund will award scholarships to selected Luther College students in Decorah, Iowa. Students will be selected on criteria including demonstrated concern for the environment through positive environmental activism and community involvement or independent studies related to environmentalism.

“We will remember and celebrate our friend by fostering the next generation of environmental scientists and wildlife biologists in his name — young people who will help make the world a better place and carry Bob’s legacy into the future,” said John. His friends and fellow raptor conservationists at Raptor Resource Project hope others will remember Bob and ensure his legacy is passed on to the next generation of conservationist through gifts to the Fund, increasing the impact the scholarship will have for students following in his footsteps.“Bob loved Iowa - especially the Decorah area. We believe that the WinneshiekCounty Community Foundation is the best way to recognize his love and keep our Iowa connection strong," said John. "Bob was born in Minnesota, but Iowa was his home.”