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New Fund Established with CFNEIA to Support Veteran Housing

August 2, 2023

5PointOp has created a special project fund with the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, named the 5PointOp Veteran Housing Fund, to provide support and skill building for veterans working toward housing security in Black Hawk County through the 5PointOp program.

The mission of 5PointOp is to build upon the skillsets that have created successful soldiers to reintegrate them into positive and productive lives, to build stability and wealth for those that provided security while we civilians succeeded in our endeavors, and to alleviate the negative impact the demands of military life placed on their lives, their families and friends.

“While I’m a veteran, I recognize that many gave or endured so much more than I did. I want to use my skills to help my service brothers and sisters find a sense of normalcy and success in the civilian world; that all starts with the basic security of a place to call home,” said Victor Rottinghaus, founder of 5PointOp.

The initial goal is to place fifty veterans in four-plex housing units which the veteran will own and lease the other units. The projected start date is October 2023, although the timeline will depend on fundraising success. The long-term goal will be to increase the number of veterans placed in housing each year.

Financial gifts of cash/check and stock are accepted through the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, 3117 Greenhill Circle, Cedar Falls, IA, 50613. Checks to the fund should be made payable to the 5PointOp Veteran Housing Fund. Gifts can also be made on the Community Foundation’s secure website at Donors to the fund can take advantage of normal federal deductions for charitable gifts.

Questions about giving to the fund may be directed to Laurie Everhardt, director of development with the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, at 319-243-1352 or

More information about 5PointOp can be found on their website at

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